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Hulin Alaskan Design

True Alaskana portfolio collection/card book

True Alaskana portfolio collection/card book

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It’s a portfolio collection, it’s a coffee table book, it’s an interesting piece to keep on your bar top. It’s something to look at when you’re tired of your screen but not quite ready for reality…. And it can also be turned into 11 different individual 5”x7” greeting cards!

introducing “True Alaskana, a collection” by Hulin. A collection of some original works that I’ve created over the years. Inspired by unique Alaskan imagery and everyday experiences in our community.

you can keep this as a nicely bound book or remove any of the 11 pages and turn them into a 2 sided greeting card! Envelope stack included as an option.

I hope the colorful images bring you and your friends peace as you daydream about your next fun Alaskan adventure. 🙏

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