Artist's Note

I’ve always felt that when more energy, care, love, and focus is put on an object it changes the way that object is perceived by others and even changes that object physically. It’s important to love creating these things. If you enjoy creating something, others will enjoy having that thing around, even more than they would if that item were technically perfect in every detail.

Hulin Alaskan Design is the result of following a trail of inspiration without a map. It’s a desire to design and create fueled by experiences in our local culture and adventure in our local landscape. It often goes off trail without a guide and hopes for the best.

The feeling of Hulin Alaskan Design is casual and comfortable. It’s a super friendly local that you meet on vacation that loves to show you all of the cool places and makes you feel welcome, like you’ve lived there for years.

It’s also your buddy that you grew up with. This friend has kept a bunch of great photos from way back that instantly remind you of all the great experiences you could only have had here. He or she makes you proud to still live here.

 it’s all inclusive and not pretentious but definitely presents a particular laid-back vibe and wants to be surrounded by individuals with similar feelings of acceptance and inclusion.


Thanks for wearing. With joy, love, and pride.