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A-T Fundraiser Sticker

A-T Fundraiser Sticker

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Some of you know that both of our kids suffer from a debilitating genetic condition called A-T that causes, among other serious problems, a gradually decreasing ability to walk and move easily and a life expectancy into their 20s. More details can be found about Ataxia-Telangiectasia at A-T Children's Project via their website.

This situation obviously remains THE MOST difficult thing that we have ever had to try to wrap our lives around.

When there’s a problem casting this big of a shadow we are compelled to work our asses off until it is resolved. Unfortunately I am not a brilliant genetic biologist nor do I have the network or resources to coordinate any meaningful sort of medical research or funding… and there are currently no treatments and no cure. Honestly I feel completely helpless and slightly worthless in this regard so now we simply try to spend every day enjoying our time together and each other as much as possible while sharing and supporting the brilliant work being done by others to find a therapy or cure.

Yes, there are potentially amazing things on the horizon and we’re SO hopeful. I don’t believe that anyone’s future is set in stone and the right energy and focus could change what could be seen as a heartbreaking situation into the opportunity to truly experience a miracle.

Please take a moment to look at the A-T Childrens Project website to see the ongoing research for treatments and cures and the fundraising programs to help. All proceeds from these sticker sales will go directly to A-T Childrens Project to help fund ongoing research toward an A-T cure.

Please reach out to me anytime with questions, ideas, comments, or possible connections… Anytime is a good time to talk about this with me because it is never fully off my mind.

we are sincerely so grateful for your support and so thankful to be part of this “wild, loving, warm hearted north” ❤️


these are 3” round, nice tough vinyl stickers perfect to rock on your vehicle, board, water bottle, or anywhere around or near the “warm hearted, wild, loving north”

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